Caroline Goode Jackson, Ph.D.

Caroline Goode Jackson

Associate Professor
Office Phone: 804-828-9555



  • B.S., Biology, Westhampton College of the University of Richmond, (1946)
  • Ph.D., Anatomy, Virginia Commonwealth University, (1973)


My consuming interest throughout my professional career has been embryology and I have always been strongly committed to teaching. As emeritus faculty, I have more time to spend in pursuit of both of these interests. As a continuing effort to retain the effectiveness of teaching while reducing departmental faculty time, I am in the process of converting my previously prepared study packages, that utilize slide sets and videocassette/audio-cassette tapes, into computer-based units. My teaching is primarily in the Microscopic Anatomy course for Dental students and the Embryology course for Medical students. I also teach to Postgraduate, Graduate, Pharmacy and Dental Hygiene students.