Hi, prospective students! Welcome to VCU’s Anatomy and Neurobiology Department! I think you will like our department, as well as the medical school campus and Richmond in general. The Anatomy and Neurobiology Department is a great place to be—when I first entered this department I felt so welcomed. We have some really great faculty, many of whom went out of their way to introduce themselves to me, and everyone was so friendly. I hope you decide that our department fits you and come to VCU!

— Emily Dilger

Other comments by our students:

“I also really love the city of Richmond. It’s a big enough city to have multiple things going on—live bands and other shows, lots of bars, big, beautiful parks and museums, but it’s also small enough to give you that friendly feel.”

“You can learn about neurobiology anywhere, what makes VCU unique is the people. The faculty, staff and students make the experience unparalleled.”

“The research environment in this department is wonderful.”