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Message from the Chairman

As departmental chairman, I am very pleased to welcome you to what is a very dynamic and progressive basic science department. Although our traditions are anchored in the teaching of the anatomical disciplines, the true departmental identity resides in modern neuroscience wherein the faculty have gained national and international recognition for their work in the area of glial cell biology, plasticity and development, and central nervous system injury and repair.

The research efforts of the department are supported by over six million dollars in grant support which allows the faculty to conduct state-of-the-art research in the above-identified areas of inquiry. In addition, the department maintains a bioimaging core that is one of the preeminent cores of its type in the nation. The vitality of our faculty, the excellence of their research programs and the substantial funding support creates a fertile environment for the pursuit of graduate studies in neurobiology.

With our solid educational program and outstanding research tradition, our graduates have gone on to successful careers in academic and corporate settings. As chair, I encourage you to carefully review our Web site and learn of some of the dynamic research and training opportunities that exist in the laboratories of the department’s faculty. You are also welcome to visit us at any time and I encourage you to contact our faculty who are always available either online or in person, should you require additional information or guidance.

Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology Virginia Commonwealth University VCU Medical Center
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